Why 2.0 (2point0) Failed to Break any Box Office Record on its Opening Day

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s latest release 2.0 has all those elements that are needed to make a movie record-smashing. However, the film failed to break any box office record held by the megahit Bahubali 2. The film (2.0) started trending on social media since 6 AM IST on its opening day. Critics and moviegoers heaped praises on the quality of the movie and performance of its actors. The negativity around the movie is almost negligible; a small number of social media accounts is castigating the movie. Despite all these positivities, the film remained far behind Bahubali 2.

There might be several reasons, but in this post, I will be focusing on a couple of main reasons that ruined the opening collection of 2.0.
Number 1: Format of the film. The film has been released in both 2D and 3D format and the makers, esp. director Shankar, promoted only 3D version. If you look at some of the promotional videos of makers, you will find that they are asking moviegoers to watch the movie in 3D only. It seems that the moviegoers have taken makers very seriously and hence 2D occupancy is very low everywhere. Even in TN, 2D shows are not running houseful whereas 3D shows are almost full. Hindi regions have the same story. A large number of screens are running only 2D and hence the film lost about 30-40% collection on its opening day.

Number 2: Midweek release. I am from a Hindi region. So, I am not very much sure about how the box office works in South India. But, midweek releases are not very successful in Hindi belt unless it’s a holiday or festive season. Even Salman Khan/Aamir Khan do not dare to release on Wednesday or Thursday if it’s not a holiday or festive season.

Number 3: lack of promotion and delayed advance booking. Rajnikanth is treated like God in South India, but he does not carry the same aura in Hindi belt. It is evident from the lifetime collection of Robot (~20 cr) in Hindi belt. 2.0 was not promoted extensively by the makers in Hindi regions. I remember how the whole team of Bahubali visited several places to promote their film. Do not forget Prabhas is now more famous than any Bollywood star in Chandigarh. On the other hand, 2.0 team relied on the stardom of Akshay Kumar to earn in Hindi regions. Also, the advance booking started on Tuesday evening and you can again blame makers, esp. Karan Johar, for this mess.

The game is still ON and 2.0 is all set to push its collection to a higher level during the weekend as bookmyshow is showing many shows houseful. But again 2D shows will hurt the film very badly. In the end, I would say, “makers gave birth to two babies- 2D and 3D. They focused on one baby and completely ignored the other baby and now that spoiled baby is denting the image

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