When Congress Leader Ashok Gehlot Trolled on Social Media ‘#ScientistGehlot’

In 2014 election campaigns, current Prime Minister Narendra Modi never told that he would give 15 lakhs to every Indian if he was elected. He once told that the amount of black money in foreign banks was equivalent to 15 lakhs in the bank account of each of 125 crores Indians. But, Congress IT cell cut a portion of that video and posted on social media. When you watch that clip posted by INC IT cell, you will feel that PM is promising to give 15 lakhs to each of us.When Congress Leader Ashok Gehlot Trolled on Social MediaINC tried to malign PM Modi in each election by posting that clip on social media, but intelligent Indians did not buy that propaganda. BJP IT cell has also given the taste of the same medicine to INC president Rahul Gandhi many times as they posted many funny clips from Rahul’s campaigns. Yesterday again, BJP IT cell cropped a few seconds from another INC leader’s video. This time the recipient of that medicine was Ashok Gehlot, former CM of Rajasthan. In that clip, INC leader was spotted saying, “if you generate electricity using water, water will be useless”. He was trolled on twitter with the hashtag  ‘#ScientistGehlot’. Check out the clip posted on social media and some of the funny tweets.

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