When a Terrorist Extolled Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt, an NDTV journalist, is one of those Indian journalists whose unconditional love for Pakistan and Pakistani terrorists is well known to everyone in India and Pakistan. Whenever she writes anything related to India and Pakistan, she doesn’t take even a second to malign India; she behaves like a Pakistani terrorist with pen. Her incessant support to Pakistani terrorists and hatred for India has always been appreciated by many Pakistani ISI agents and terrorists.Lately one of the most wanted terrorists, Hafeez Saeed, openly praised Barkha Dutta and Congress Party for their support to Pakistani terrorists. Indian government needs to find out such terrorists with pen who are enjoying life in India, but are praising Pakistan because it’s easy to kill the terrorists with gun, but it’s not easy to kill the terrorists with pen.When a Terrorist Extolled Barkha Dutt

Check out this video to see how a terrorist is praising Barkha Dutt.

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