UP Passport Officer Vikas Mishra Becomes New Victim of Media Trial | Twitteratis Expressed Anger on Sushma Swaraj

In India, If you play Muslim card or Dalit card, you will become darling of politicians and media in no time and all your requests will be fulfilled at the speed of light. The most recent beneficiary of Muslim card is Sadiya Siddiqui aka Tanvi Seth. From the various reports, it seems that the old name of the beneficiary in question was Tanvi Seth who became Sadiya Siddiqui after her marriage. UP Passport Officer Vikas Mishra Becomes New Victim of Media TrialRecently she applied for her passport in the name of Tanvi Seth. Why did not she use her new name is not yet clear. There are some reports that her H1B got rejected because of her Muslim name, so she wanted to use her old Hindu name in the passport. In the application of Indian passport, you need to explicitly mention whether or not you ever changed your name. But in her application, she lied and left that section incomplete. The documents she submitted as proofs were in the name of Sadiya Siddiqui. So, the passport officer Vikas Mishra did not approve her application. She then decided to play the Muslim card and tweeted to Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of External Affairs, that she was harassed by a passport officer just because she is a Muslim. Indian media, who are always in search of such Muslims and Dalits to malign BJP government at the center, did not spend a second to look into the details of the matter and called Vikas Mishra a bigot. Social media, who always show the mirror to fake news, brought the truth behind the disapproval of her passport application to the public attention. Anyhow by playing the Muslim card, Sadiya got her passport in one day and the honest officer may be transferred to a new location. The crime of the officer is his honesty, which does not matter if ministers need to prove their love for Muslims and Dalits. Check out the interview of Vikas Mishra and some of the reactions by twitteratis. Let us hope that truth will prevail at the end, which seems murkier right now.

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