The Shortest Handshake Ever in the World

The political adversaries are always good for the health of the democracy and absence of adversaries will kill the true definition of the democracy. Since independence India have seen many political parties and their adversaries, but have rarely seen political enemies. Anna’s Janlokpal movement gave birth to a new political party ‘AAP’ in India and people were hoping that this new political party would abide by its promises to eradicate the corruption from Indian political system, but this new party took U-turn and many of its leaders are now facing corruption charges. Despite blaming and taking action against own corrupt leaders, the head of this political party ‘Arvind Kejriwal’ started blaming the central government led by Narendra Modi for all the problems faced by the hoi polloi of Delhi. In the blame game, Arvind Kejriwal’s hatred for Narendra Modi reached to a point where he forgot the differences between adversaries and enemies and that’s why he had the shortest handshake with PM at all-states-meet. Check out this shortest handshake in the history of the world. :)
The Shortest Handshake Ever in the World

Enjoy the video here…

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