Super 30 First Week Box Office Collection

Hrithik Roshan’s new movie Super 30 underperformed in its first week at the Indian box office. Although the movie got positive reviews from critics, it could not covert good words into business because of the offbeat story.


As per the box office reports, the film amassed 75.85 crore in the opening week. It has mainly performed well in Delhi/NCR and Mumbai regions; other regions are below par. There is no big release until 15th Aug, so if it could maintain pace from second week onwards, it will be able to reach a good total in its lifetime.

The box office collection of Super 30 is as follows:
Friday (Day 1): ₹ 11.83 cr
Saturday (Day 2): ₹ 18.19 cr
Sunday (Day 3): ₹ 20.74 cr
Monday (Day 4): ₹ 6.92 cr
Tuesday (Day 5): ₹ 6.39 cr
Wednesday (Day 6): ₹ 6.16 cr
Thursday (Day 7): ₹ 5.62 cr
Total: ₹ 75.85 cr

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