Super 30 Crosses 110 Crore on Second Wednesday

Despite doing average business in the first week, Hrithik Roshan’s latest movie Super 30 is now heading towards a big total in its lifetime. Since the film does not have hit music or masala story, it did not perform well in small cities. But multiplexes helped it immensely in the second weekend and it is rock-steady during weekdays.


As per the box office reports, the film added 3.20 crore to its total on second Wednesday. It should go past 113 crore by the end of the second week. The release of Lion King affected its business in the second week. Although it will lose many screens in the third week, it should reach 140-145 crore in its lifetime.

The box office collection of Super 30 is as follows:
Week 1: ₹ 75.85 cr
Friday (Day 8): ₹ 4.52 cr
Saturday (Day 9): ₹ 8.53 cr
Sunday (Day 10): ₹ 11.68 cr
Monday (Day 11): ₹ 3.60 cr
Tuesday (Day 12): ₹ 3.34 cr
Wednesday (Day 13): ₹ 3.20 cr
Total: ₹ 110.72 cr HIT

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