Storia all funny advertisements mocking Rahul Gandhi, Salman Khan, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Storia Foods, a Mumbai based company, recently released three new advertisements to promote thier drinks. In the advertisements, the lead actor was shown as Rahul Gandhi, Salman Khan, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. All three ads are truly funny, but the one on Rahul Gandhi is the best.

Storia all funny advertisements

The ads make fun of three very famous statements of Rahul Gandhi – 1. “Aloo se Sona banane wali machine (a machine to convert potatoes into gold)”, 2. Empowerments, and 3. “Ye maja main pure desh ko dunga (I will give this fun to the whole nation)”. The ads definitely put smile of many Indians during this Chinese virus pandemic, but congress workers held a protest and ransacked the office of Storia.

Enjoy those funny ads here and post your comments.

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