Rahul Gandhi calls himself India’s ‘Biggest Fool’

We all know that Rahul Gandhi himself does not understand what he is speaking. We have seen many videos in which he blabbers meaningless things. The recent video is an addition to those funny videos. Although the video content seems funny, he is speaking the truth. He single-handedly has destroyed the congress party, and if he continues for a few more years, congress can join the list of extinct species.

Rahul Gandhi calls himself India's 'Biggest Fool'

In this video, Rahul Gandhi calls himself ‘the biggest fool’ of India. He says, “I made Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of this country, and today, while I am a parliamentarian of this country, I cannot say a word in front of Modi. He doesn’t allow me to speak. I am not saying this alone; all the other parliamentarians are also scared. Nobody listens to us.”

Watch the video and have fun!!!

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