PM Narendra Modi and India’s Most Wanted First Week Box Office Collection

Vivek Oberoi’s latest film PM Narendra Modi became a profitable venture in just 7 days. As there was no big name in the movie, makers had kept the budget very low (~8 crore). Although it got a very limited release, it could attract its target audience.

PM Narendra Modi first week collection

As per the box office reports, the film collected 19.21 crore in its first week at the Indian box office. It has 5 more days to reach 25 crore as Salman’s Bharat will hit theaters on Wednesday. The current trend suggests that the film is targeting 27-28 crore in its lifetime.

The box office collection of PM Narendra Modi is as follows:
Friday (Day 1): ₹ 2.88 cr
Saturday (Day 2): ₹ 3.76 cr
Sunday (Day 3): ₹ 5.12 cr
Monday (Day 4): ₹ 2.41 cr
Tuesday (Day 5): ₹ 2.02 cr
Wednesday (Day 6): ₹ 1.71 cr
Thursday (Day 7): ₹ 1.31 cr
Total: ₹ 19.21 cr HIT

Another release India’s Most Wanted featuring Arjun Kapoor failed badly at ticket windows. It did not find many takers and as a result of that, it could not cross even 15 crore in its first week. As there are only 5 days left before Bharat releases, the lifetime collection may remain below 15 crore.

The box office collection of India’s Most Wanted is as follows:
Friday (Day 1): ₹ 2.10 cr
Saturday (Day 2): ₹ 3.03 cr
Sunday (Day 3): ₹ 3.53 cr
Monday (Day 4): ₹ 1.10 cr
Tuesday (Day 5): ₹ 0.90 cr
Wednesday (Day 6): ₹ 0.72 cr
Thursday (Day 7): ₹ 0.48 cr
Total: ₹ 11.86 cr FLOP

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