Mohenjo Daro Aiming for 60 Crores Lifetime Business

When it became evident that Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro will be competing with Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, most of the box office gurus might have thought that Rustom might turn out an average or a disaster for Akshay Kumar because Ashutosh + Hrithik combo was hitting the screens after a long hiatus. The association of the big names with Mohenjo Daro helped it in getting the large chunk of screens and Rustom had to compromise with a smaller number of screens, but now, after 2 weeks, the scenario became totally different. Rustom got the tag of super hit from the box office pundits whereas Mohenjo Daro became one of the worst box office performer for Hrithik and Ashutosh.Mohenjo Daro Aiming for 60 Crores Lifetime Business

As per the box office reports, the film garnered approx 6.24 crores in the second week to take its total domestic box office collection to 57.42 crores. Now a couple of new releases have hit the screens, so the earning of Mohenjo Daro will come in lakhs instead of crores and it seems that the film might not touch even 60 crores as the lifetime collection.EPIC DISASTER!

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