Major Achievements of Modi Government in Last 5 Years

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took several bold steps in the last 5 years to strengthen India and to change the image of India at the global stage. Many world leaders and businessmen, like US president Trump, UN Secretary-General, Bill Gates, CEO of CISCO and many others, praised PM Modi for his strategies for the development of India.

Major Achievements of Modi Government in Last 5 Years

Some of the major steps/decisions/schemes that improved India are Demonetization, Surgical Strike on the terror camp of Pakistan, Ayushman Bharat, Swachchh Bharat, and digital India. People who were earning because of corruption might be unhappy with all these, but common Indians benefited lots because of all these. We Indians DO NOT want to see our nation being looted by corrupt politicians. So, it’s our duty to wisely choose a leader who can “Make India Great Again”. I am not going to write a big blog to highlight everything. Instead, I am posting some of the images I got from different twitter accounts because images convey message better than writing.

As there are several big images, I created a gallery for all those images. Find out more major achievements of the government in the last 5 years here

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