Madaari Has Poor Opening

Irrfan Khan starrer social-thriller film Madaari was expected to have a decent opening on Friday, but it seems that the movie couldn’t impress the moviegoers despite having good content. The movie might enjoy some growth in the collection in coming days due to positive critics’ review and word of mouth publicity, but the first weekend collection might not touch even 12 crores.Madaari Has Poor Opening

As per the box office reports, the movie collected Fri 2.25 cr, Sat 3.50 cr. to take its total domestic box office collection to 5.75 crores after 2 days. The growth in Sultan’s collection on Saturday insinuates that Madaari will find it extremely difficult to take a lead in its opening weekend and Sultan might remain the first choice for the moviegoers even in the third weekend. A poor opening weekend of Madaari will definitely mar its lifetime prospect because the film is going to struggle during weekdays.

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