Kesari Scores Century | First Week Box Office Collection

Despite losing a few crore due to IPL matches, Akshay Kumar’s latest release Kesari scored a century in the very first week. The movie was expected to cross 100 crore within 5 days, but it took 7 days to reach the milestone.

Kesari Scores Century | First Week Box Office Collection

As per the box office reports, the film amassed 105.86 crore in its first week. Although the film will lose screens in its second week due to new releases, it will remain the first choice for moviegoers as the new movies do not feature any big name. If the film can garner 20 crore in the second weekend, it may go past 150 crore. However, 140-145 crore seems a reachable total for the film.

The box office collection of Kesari is as follows:
Thursday (Day 1): ₹ 21.06 cr
Friday (Day 2): ₹ 16.75 cr
Saturday (Day 3): ₹ 18.75 cr
Sunday (Day 4): ₹ 21.51 cr
Monday (Day 5): ₹ 8.25 cr
Tuesday (Day 6): ₹ 7.17 cr
Wednesday (Day 7): ₹ 6.52 cr
Thursday (Day 8): ₹ 5.85 cr
Total: ₹ 105.86 cr

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