Kalank Has Huge Decline on Monday

Karan Johar’s latest movie Kalank witnessed a humongous decline in the collection on its first Monday as the film failed to cross even 5 crore. The film has been struggling since its opening day because of extremely poor word of mouth publicity and now it seems that even 75 crore will be a difficult target for the film.

Kalank Has Hige Decline on Monday

As per the box office reports, the film earned 3.65 crore on first Monday to take its total domestic box office collection to 69.68 crore after 6 days. Such decline indicates that the film has been outrightly rejected by moviegoers and it will become the first flop movie for Varun Dhawan.

The box office collection of Kalank is as follows:
Wednesday (Day 1): ₹ 21.60 cr
Thursday (Day 2): ₹ 11.45 cr
Friday (Day 3): ₹ 11.60 cr
Saturday (Day 4): ₹ 9.75 cr
Sunday (Day 5): ₹ 11.63 cr
Monday (Day 6): ₹ 3.65 cr
Total: ₹ 69.68 cr Flop

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