Hichki First Week China Box Office Collection – Movie Grosses Over 7 Million

Rani Mukerji’s Hichki may have started its Chinese box office run on a slow note with $ 770,000. But, it witnessed a turnaround over the weekend. The collection on both Saturday and Sunday surpassed $ 1.5 mn and it remained rock steady during weekdays. The film’s weekday performance shows how much love the Chinese audience is showering on the film. Hichki achieved a rare feat when it collected more on weekdays in comparison to its first-day collection.Hichki in china

As per the box office reports, the film earned $7.35 million in its first week. Hichki also received a standing ovation at the Shanghai International Film Festival. There is a possibility that the film may repeat its first-week performance in the second week. If that happens, it will cross 15 million figure in the Chinese market.

The box office collection of Hichki in China is as follows:
Friday (Day 1): $ 770,000
Saturday (Day 2): $ 1.74 mn
Sunday (Day 3): $ 1.74 mn
Monday (Day 4): $ 790,000
Tuesday (Day 5): $ 800,000
Wednesday (Day 6): $ 780,000
Thursday (Day 7): $ 730,000
Total: $ 7.35 million

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