Haseena Parkar Has a Disastrous Opening | First Day Box Office Collection

Some of the Bollywood guys have special love for gangsters and criminals and they always try to glorify those bad elements of society through their movies. Haseena Parkar is just another glorification of a criminal in the name of creativity. A big thank to the social media that educated people and as a result of that, such glorifications are always thrashed at the box office. Shraddha Kapoor’s latest attempt as Haseena Parkar found no taker at the box office and remained dull on its opening day.Haseena Parkar Has a Disastrous Opening

As per the box office reports, Haseena Parkar collected 1.25 crores on first Friday. The film has received very bad ratings from almost all critics and the moviegoers have also not shown any interest in life of a criminal, so there is a very little chance for it to post a decent total in its opening weekend. Looking at the current trend at the box office, it seems that another glorification will die at the box office in just 3-4 days.

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