For Arvind Kejriwal, BJP is a Dengue and Chikungunya Party

Present Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal entered into politics to bring honesty and transparency to Indian politics, but within a few months he proved himself worse than the most corrupt politicians of India. Marred by several corruption charges, the popularity of this self-proclaimed honest politician has hit the nadir and as a result of that, his party lost deposit in the bypoll election held in Rajauri Garden, Delhi. Delhi will have MCD election on 22nd July and all the opinion polls are suggesting massive defeat for Kejriwal’s AAP. It seems that such opinion polls have impacted Kejriwal’s brain and he has started abusing the voters of Delhi. 

The Delhi Chief Minister is accused of impinging on the right of voters by threatening them via the video in which he said if the people of Delhi voted for the BJP, their children would fall prey to diseases like dengue and chikungunya. After watching Kejriwal’s video message, one of our twitter friends posted this funny image on twitter.

BJP is a Dengue and Chikungunya Party

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