Fake Video – Pope Francis Swats Donald Trump’s Hand

A short clip purportedly showing Pope Francis slapping away President Trump’s hand during a photo-op at the Vatican was widely shared on social media on 24 May 2017. Is this a fake video or a real video?Fake Video - Pope Francis Swats Donald Trump's Hand

Check out the video here:

This video does not show a real interaction between Donald Trump and Pope Francis. There are enough hints in the video itself, if you look closely, which prove that it is mischievously edited for some fun. For example, the shirt cuff of Trump is visible rather prominently in the close-up shot where he is wiggling the pope, but is hidden under his coat throughout the rest of the video. Similarly, the background in the close-up shot shows part of a brown coloured waiting chair, while a black figurine is visible in the background in the rest of the video.

Our very own Congressi Digvijay singh considered this video real and tweeted this. Anyway, our Diggi Chachu is famous for many such mischievous tweets and acts. :)

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