EVM Hacking : How Congress is Misleading India Using a Fake Hacker

A couple of days ago Indian National Congress (INC) party organized a hacking event in London. The event was titled “How to hack Indian EVM machine“. INC tried their best to keep the name of the hacker secret and called him a USA-based hacker so that common Indians can be fooled. But INC forgot that such stupidity does not work in the age of social media. It seems that INC still thinks that India is in the 90s and such treacherous acts can help them.

Now coming to the so-called American hacker. The name of the so-called American hacker is Syed Shuja and there are reports that he is a native of Hyderabad, India. He did his undergraduate from a “Babu Banarasi Das” type C-grade university in India. A few years ago, he applied for asylum in the USA citing some riots that took place in Hyderabad and is now living in California. From his educational background, one can easily think about his capabilities. Mr. Shuja claimed that he worked for Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) from 2009-2014. He claimed that he was the guy who modified EVM chip code to favor BJP in the 2014 general election and Mr. Kapil Sibbal told him to do so. His other claims include the murder of Gopinath Munde (who died in a road accident because he was not wearing the car seat belt) and the murder of Gauri Lankesh. It seems that Shuja is not only a hacker but also a spy. God, give me a break.

Our Deshi media did not spend a minute to verify those claims and started barking that a USA-based hacker showed how to hack EVM machine. The truth is he did not do anything at the EVM hackathon other than just lying. Look at the attached image where ECIL has clarified that Mr. Shuja never worked at any location of ECIL. Mr. Shuja’s education qualification suggests that he is just a “Tom, Dick or Harry” type guy who went to the USA by citing fake events in his asylum application. He lied everywhere and INC used his lies to misguide India. Mr. Shuja, give us a break and stop lying because Indians are way smarter than you and they do not believe a “Bunty-Bubbly” like you.

EVM Hacking : How Congress is Misleading India Using a Fake Hacker

Now the question arises why INC is undermining the democracy of India? Why did Congress organize so-called EVM hacking event in London? Recently INC won the MLA election in 3 states and EVM was used in all those states. Therefore, it seems that Congress party have some sinister plan in their mind and they can even malign India for the sake of power. Indians need to be very vigilant because we know how Indian or world media work.

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