De De Pyaar De Crosses 95 Crore

Ajay Devgn’s latest release De De Pyaar De was hit badly by Salman Khan’s Bharat tsunami on Wednesday. The film has been struggling since its opening day, but it somehow managed to cross 95 crore in the third week.


As per the box office reports, the film added 12.59 crore to its total in the third week. The current total box office collection of the film is 95.66 crore and it can probably score a century in the fourth week. The lifetime collection of DDPD should be in the range of 102 and 105 crore.

The box office collection of De De Pyaar De is as follows:
Week 1: ₹ 61.05 cr
Week 2: ₹ 23.44 cr
Friday (Day 15): ₹ 1.96 cr
Saturday (Day 16): ₹ 2.82 cr
Sunday (Day 17): ₹ 3.81 cr
Monday (Day 18): ₹ 1.42 cr
Tuesday (Day 19): ₹ 1.33 cr
Wednesday (Day 20): ₹ 0.65 cr
Thursday (Day 21): ₹ 0.60 cr
Total: ₹ 95.66 cr Average+

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