Congress Leader Kamal Nath Trolled on Social Media ‘#KamalNathMaths’ For a Blooper

Last year the Pew Research did a political survey in India and found that about 80% illiterate and low IQ people like Congress and Rahul Gandhi. On the contrary, a whopping 85%+ college graduates prefer BJP and Narendra Modi. I was a bit surprised looking at this finding and thought the finding might be biased because of small sample size. Lately, I have been following the news related to Congress leaders and now I feel that if Pew had used larger sample size, the percentage would have changed from 80% to 90%+.Congress Leader Kamal Nath Trolled on Social Media For a Blooper

The Pew Research also found that people who have degree in arts like Congress whereas people with STEM degree (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) prefer BJP. These all findings also show the current group of Congress leadership. Congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Chaturvedi, Ashok Gehlot, Sanjya Jha and others have entertained Indians many times in past with their math and science skills. Yesterday, another Congress leader Kamal Nath showed his math skill set by saying “30 out of 25”. BJP IT cell and twitterati did not let this blooper go away and trolled the leader using hashtag “#KamalNathMaths”. Check out some of the most funny tweets posted by twitteratis.

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