China Bans Koran and Islamic Prayer Mats

Chinese authorities have ordered Muslims in the north-western region of Xinjiang to hand in religious items including the Koran and prayer mats to the government authorities. Muslims will face severe punishment if they do not obey the order. According to Radio Free Asia, reports have emerged from Kashgar, Hotan and other regions of similar practices starting last week. The spokesman for the exile World Uyghur Congress group, Dilxat Raxit said they received a notification saying that every single ethnic Uyghur must hand in any Islam-related items from their own home. According to local officials, Xinjiang authorities earlier this year, began removing all Korans published more than five years ago due to extremist content. China says it is facing threats from domestic cults and radical Islam. source
China Bans Koran and Islamic Prayer Mats

According to a copy of the regulations posted on the State Council’s official website the latest measures focus on ‘maintaining legality, blocking extremism, and attacking crime’.

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