Akshay Kumar’s Gold Has Huge Drop in the Second Week

Akshay Kumar’s latest film Gold witnessed a humongous decline in the collection in the second week. The film had got excellent reviews from movie critics and word of mouth publicity was also positive, but nothing helped the film to post a good total at the Indian box office. If it had not scored 25+ crores on its opening day, it would not have crossed even 100 crores mark. Akshay Kumar's Gold Has Huge Drop in the Second WeekAs per the box office reports, the film earned 14.70 crores in the second week to take its total domestic box office collection to 104.20 crores after 16 days. It had amassed about 90 crores in its first week, so the decline is about 83%. The film faced tough competition from John Abraham’s Satyameva Jayate, but such drop tells that only a small fraction of moviegoers went to theaters to watch the movie. Unlike other Akshay Kumar’s films, the budget of Gold is not small. Therefore, it might fail to earn HIT tag in its lifetime. The box office run of Gold should end at 110-112 crores.

The box office collection of the film is as follows:
Week 1: ₹ 89.50 cr
Friday (Day 10): ₹ 1.85 cr
Saturday (Day 11): ₹ 3.10 cr
Sunday (Day 12): ₹ 4.75 cr
Monday (Day 13): ₹ 1.45 cr
Tuesday (Day 14): ₹ 1.30 cr
Wednesday (Day 15): ₹ 1.25 cr
Thursday (Day 16): ₹ 1.00 cr
Total: ₹ 104.20 cr

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