Airlift Has Superb First Weekend

Akhay Kumar’s war thriller film Airlift is having good time at the ticket counters in both domestic and international markets. Though the movie didn’t have record-breaking opening on Friday, the brilliant content of the movie ensured its upward trend during the weekend. The film, that had approx 20% growth on Saturday, witnessed the similar growth on Sunday and as a result of that it could post an excellent total in the first weekend.Airlift Has Superb First Weekend

As per the box office reports, the film amassed 17.35 crores on Sunday to take its total domestic box office collection to 44.30 crores. The continuous growth during weekend insinuates that the movie is being liked by the moviegoers and it might remain rock steady during weekdays. Tuesday is a big holiday in India, so the collection on both Monday & Tuesday is going to be fantabulous. If the history is repeated for this content-rich film, the first week collection might go beyond 75 crores and it might become the first 100 cr movie of 2016. The next release is also a sex comedy, so Airlift might remain intact even in the second weekend.

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