AAP’s Journey: From “Saving India From Corruption” to “Saving India From Democracy”

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) is an Indian political party that came into existence due to its party member’s good intentions, but now it is always in news only for bad things. After coming to power in Delhi, the party forgot all its promises and turned itself into another political party. Many members who were parts of “India Against Corruption” movement in 2011 left party because of dictatorship nature of Arvind Kejriwal who calls himself “Dilli Ka Malik (King of Delhi)”.AAP Journey
The party used to be in Indian media because many editors from Indian new channels had joined the party. But now it is not getting enough TV coverage because media realized that AAP has no future outside Delhi. Social media has now become the main source of communication for Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP.

Yesterday, AAP embarrassed itself by posting a stupid post on twitter. The post says, “Year 2011 Saving India from corruption, Year
2018 Saving India from Democracy“. India is a democratic country. Does Kejriwal want to bring Sharia or Dictatorship in India? English is not our mother language, but AAP IT team must have at least one person who understands the meaning of democracy. Did AAP do this intentionally? We do not have an answer. When AAP was challenged by BJP spokesperson Tajinder Singh Bagga for this tweet, the tweet was immediately deleted by AAP IT team.AAP party

Kejriwal has already declared himself king of Delhi, so it cannot be denied that he might bring Sharia or Dictatorship in India if he becomes PM. We Indians must be aware of such politicians. Delhi junta is already paying the huge price for voting him as CM.

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